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Literary Journals in New York:
Literary Insight From NYC Editor

Sitting down with Andrew E. Colarusso, Editor in Chief of Broome Street Review, he tells readers all about writing, publishing and finding inspiration in New York City, a very literary city. Colarusso self-published his photo-essay collection Bonneville, which covers the gentrification in North Philadelphia. He edits what he calls the "illustrious New York journal, The Broome Street Review."

Lisa Marie Basile: Tell us about yourself and The Broome Street Review.

Andrew E. Colarusso: First of all thank you Lisa for having me. It's always an honor and a pleasure to know that the work I've been doing is of interest to someone aside from myself. I've always felt a bit awkward introducing myself which I think is the perfect introduction in this instance because it tells you a lot about who I am.

Lisa Marie Basile: As a writer in New York City, what is your biggest challenge and advantage? Andrew E. Colarusso: I was born and raised in Brooklyn with intermittent periods of life spent in Puerto Rico. My greatest challenge as a writer in New York City has been a constant negotiation with death. New York City is born every morning and dies every night, if you'll pardon the romanticism.

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