Mobile Brew Crew

Two sixteen year old
brothers became mini-
beer barons on Reindeer
Horn highway where a
tire could feel each flaw
in the road as the boys
avoided pipe throwing
torpedoes trying to
scrap competition before
delivery to giggle water
gravel outpost-after a
few big rage runs their
truck was one bug-eyed
betty on blistered tires,
And the wettest block
in the world wasn’t in
Kansas City it was on
the boy’s thirsty tongues
thick with adrenaline,
and a rum runner type
fear of dying before
a fine payday

I came to poetry in general with a desire to write social justice poems. I looked at what was defined commonly as "literature" and was unsatisfied by the thought of being a "market safe writer." I was more interested in the social, political, historical and economic possibilities of poetry. Also the rules of poetry creation were not to my liking so I followed my own internal compass.On the crime poems or outlaw poems, I identified with and came to those very easily. I grew up hearing stories about the old bootleggers. I knew old timers and others who still purchased moonshine and it was always part of the culture. Later in the small press poetry world I would see Todd Moore's poems and I began to talk to him. This started the process of my own writings coming "out of the closet" in a certain sense. My father had been a piano playing bank robber who died when I was three years old. For a lot of years I carried around the shame of this and did my best to impersonate a middle class man-at job interviews, in dating and in writing. At some point my inner spirit said "Hey, we can't do this anymore." By stepping forward in the poems as a poet from a certain social class and with education in different fields than most MFA writers-my own poetic voices started to emerge.The "Mobile Brew Crew" poem is a work of fiction, however, it has truthful historical bits of slang weaved or altered creative into a storytelling format. Kansas City was my hometown so I was very aware of the criminal past relating to both Kansas City and Chicago. And I met or heard countless kids in poverty who came up with one grand plan or another-legal or otherwise to get out of poverty and enjoy the good life that they perceived others to be living it.

David S. Pointer was the son of a bank robber who died when David was 3 years old. David later served in the Marine military police. He earned a M.S. in sociology and has two chapbooks coming from "New Polish Beat," and "Thunderclap Press." David lives in Murfreesboro, TN with his two daughters.


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