Deadline April 25 2011

Flash Fiction & Poetry


Winners get publication online in CLJ, print publication in the Patasola Press [CAPER Books] Anthology (late 2011) and a free copy of Rae Bryant's forthcoming book, The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals.

What's cool is that your fee goes toward literary love: ISBN and web costs. We struggle with charging fees for contests, but your fee is always used responsibly and with much appreciation.

Submit 2 surreal poems or flash fiction pieces (up to 500 words). We like the surreal and we've seen a lot of good surreal we'd like to award.

There will be three winners.
Announced May 5. Go!

Deadline April 20, 2011

Submit up to five (5)  striking sentences. No theme. Just wow us. Funny, despairing, dark, frightening, surreal -- everything is welcome. SUBMIT

RULES: You may submit up to five SEPARATE sentences, not a story or poem consisting of five sentences. The goal here is to win us over in one striking sentence. Each sentence you submit must be numbered. Submit all five in one document. It must be your own sentence.

Winners receive 1 copy of Rae Bryant's forthcoming Patasola Press book, The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals, their sentence printed on neat little cards for giveaway at the Caper Literary Journal/Patasola Press/Ampersand Books party May 20 and publication on Caper Literary Journal. Plus, winners receive love.

Everyone who submits is invited to our Patasola Press/Caper Literary Journal/Ampersand Release party at The Way Station in Brooklyn, NY May 20, celebrating Joseph Riipi & Rae Bryant.

Fall 2010 Caper Literary Journal
Borges Poetry & Prose  Contest Winners

1st Place — Anne Barngrover, Canopy Road Blues
2nd Place — Brandon Courtney, Field Nurse, 1862
2nd Place — Jenn Monroe, Picture This

1st Place — Ray Sharp, Borges, the Blind Seer
2nd Place — Anne Earney, Lost

Guest Editor
Aside from readings by Caper's Editor, the Guest Editor for Poetry will be Pushcart Prize-nominated writer Kelly Davio. The Managing Editor of The Los Angeles Review and the Associate Poetry Editor for Fifth Wednesday Journal, Davio is a poet and teacher who holds a MFA in Poetry from Northwest Institute of Literary Arts (Whidbey Writers’ Workshop). She is an instructor of English as a Second Language. Davio is also a book reviewer for the Women’s Review of Books.  Her debut collection, Burn This House, is forthcoming from Red Hen Press.

Read all the winners here.

Fall 2010 Caper Literary Journal
Maravillosa Contest Winners

1st Place — Timothy Black, How to Finally Cry
2nd Place — Mara Buck, The Girl Who Wanted to be a Painting
Honorable Mention — Renee Podunovich, It Makes all the Difference
Honorable Mention — Marion Kee, On The Nature of The Gods

1st Place — Abigail Rine, The Woman In The Garden
2nd Place — Miles Klee‚ Sonata
Honorable Mention — Evan Guilford-Blake, A Box of Beautifuls
Honorable Mention — Barbara Diehl, The Unmaking of the World

Read all the winners here.