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The Calamity Jane: A Caper Literary Side Project

For writers who are interested in the Old West, Americana, Mexico, Native Americans and cowboys, Caper has will debut a literary project that is dedicated to promoting that aesthetic. Submissions are open all the time. The project will be debuting with our August issue and will run indefinitely.

Seeking poetry, fiction, essays, travel reviews, photos, you name it about:

Americana, cowboys, the Southwest, the West, the old West, old saloons, early American burlesque, Mexico, Native American life, cowgirls, frontiersmen, moonshine, deserts, etc.

Why, you ask?
Because Caper's aesthetic is one that appreciates old times, bygone days, simpler ways of life, rebels, development of cultures and ideas. Plus, we love the idea of cowboys and cowgirls dancing away through the night in some moonshine establishment in 1930s Nevada

Send submissions to with the subject line: Calamity Jane.