Report your submissions. Really.
Masquerade Party

October 29, NYC.


Literary reading, free book giveaway, name-that-author game, free poetry-in-your pocket. open mic.
Wear masks, dress like an author or come in anonymous costume.


Caper Literary Journal is putting together a 2010 anthology containing poetry, author interviews, selected fiction (the editor will select the featured fiction pieces) and Maravillosa Contest Winners. And, well, it's going to be amazing. It's an interesting process, but a good one. 

Here's how we're choosing the poetry for the anthology. Caper is happy to have the help of accomplished poets and writers to read over this year's (Jan—Aug. 2010) published pieces of poetry for our Best-of Anthology.
NOTE: For poetry and fiction that will be published in the next three months, your work will be considered for the Spring 2011 anthology.

Two immensely talented poets will be selecting the best poems published by Caper Literary Journal this year.

Our selection approach this year both enables your work to be read by accomplished and acclaimed poets while automatically entering your work for consideration.

Leslie Adrienne Miller, the writer of 7 collections of poetry and recipient of over a dozen literary awards, including a Pushcart Prize and a National Endowment for the Arts Poetry Fellowship. Published in many journals and magazines, she holds a Ph.D. from the University of Houston, an M.F.A. from the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, an M.A. from the University of Missouri, and a B.A. from Stephens College.

Robert Lee Brewer is the editor of the Writer’s Market books, Poet’s Market and, in addition to maintaining the Poetic Asides blog for Writer's Digest. Brewer has published poems in several print and online publications.

Your poetry is automatically considered and will be read by our guest judges.

If your work is selected by the judges as a "Best-of Caper 2010" piece, you will be printed in our year-end anthology (end of December print) and honored on the website in November.

The latest Caper Literary Journal issue is live now. Read HERE.

In Issue 7, you will find:
Laury A. Egan
Michelle Ong
Laura Leedy Schneider
pd Lyons
Roberto Beltran
Dallas Woodburn
Simon Perchik
Stan Galloway
Danielle Spears
Christine Murray
Christina Murphy
Suchoon Mo

plus an Editor's Choice poem by Martin Espada, whose poem, Alabanza, In Praise of Local 100, is written in light of the September 11 tragedy.

The first official Caper Literary Journal reading was last nite, Sept. 4, 2010. And what a turn-out it brought! Co-hosted by vox poetica, the event was truly a success—filled with excellent featured readers (Rae Bryant, Britt Gambino, Jeffrey Grunthaner as Caper Literary Journal readers and Christine Reilly, Grace Burns, Lisa Nielsen and Elizabeth Stelling with Red Dashboard as vox poetica readers).

Where to start? Rae Bryant, editor of Moon Milk Review, kicked off the night with select pieces of fiction. Her strange fiction, coupled with her thoughtful writing style made for an excellent opener. Britt Gambino followed with several poems of emotional honesty. Also a published writer in Moon Milk Review, she is a
New School MFA student (in my own program). Last was Jeffrey Grunthaner, one of the first writers to be published with Caper in its early days last year. His style is both dramatic and clean.

The evening followed with several lovely performances by vox poetica writers, culminating in a gorgeous musical literary performance by Elizabeth Stelling and Red Dashboard. With a guitar and poetry, two women stood at the microphone creating a sulty, Southern-tinged, passionate few moments of stories about lovely silk stockings and other beautiful things.

An open-mic followed, allowing poets and writers to share their work—along with the reading of a collaborative poem by 8 writers — vox poetica Annmarie Lockhart, Jeffrey Grunthaner, myself and Lee Transue. We read the parts for 4 other poets (Julie Ellinger Hunt, SPARK's Amy Souza, Ben Nardollili and my own writer younger brother, David Brian Daniel Basile).

Select photos of the event are below — but visit Caper's Facebook to see more.

Editor — Caper Literary Journal
Lisa Marie Basile