Patasola Press is an author-focused micropress located in Brooklyn, New York. Patasola Press is the print leg of CAPER Literary Journal, an online magazine. We strongly believe in the creative, cooperative relationship between author and publisher and we support both established and emerging authors. The editor is Lisa Marie Basile. We are dedicated to publishing poetry, fiction collections and novellas. We enjoy work that pushes boundaries. We are very interested in hybrid-genre work (be it prose-poetry, aphorisms, diary entries, vignettes, etc). We also will print an anthology of female writers and poets. We are actively seeking poetic work about mythology and folklore.

                Patasola [noun, South American Folklore]: A seductive, siren-like woman that hunts its                     victims in the wilderness. A shape shifter, the Patasola may appear as a beautiful woman.                 Once in true form, she has one foot and drinks the blood of her prey. The Patasola appears                 in many forms.

We believe that, like the Patasola folklore itself, the writing must be enduring, gorgeous and haunting. The product must be beautiful.

Patasola Press prints our books using the POD model. At this time, we purchase ISBNs and sell the books via our POD site, e-store, Amazon.com and at select independent bookstores. We do not, at this time, have a major distributor. This is a plan for the future. We will publish a handful of books per year on no particular schedule.

To inquire about Patasala Press opportunities or publishing, email patasolapress[at]gmail.com