Patasola Press [Caper Books]  is an independent micropress located in Brooklyn, New York. We are dedicated to showcasing outstanding poetry, fiction collections and novellas. We also like hybrid work. We also print a series of  female writers and a series of collections about landscape, folklore and mythology. Visit.

Patasola [noun, South American Folklore]: A seductive, siren-like woman that hunts its victims in the wilderness. A shape shifter, the Patasola may appear as a beautiful woman. Once in true form, she has one foot and drinks the blood of her prey. The Patasola appears in many forms.

Patasola Press is dedicated to bringing seductive and beautiful work to print. We believe that, like the Patasola folklore itself, the writing must be enduring, gorgeous and haunting. Writing itself is a shapeshifter, and we are interested in changing and new forms of prose and poetry.