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Rae Bryant — The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals
Published by Patasola Press [Caper Books], 2011

"Smart, sexy, feminist, dangerous and akin to doing the tango with a succubus. Do you feel lucky? Part Hannah Tinti, part Kim Addonizio—with enough intense characters, flashy dreams, and edgy visions to entangle your heart and skull for eons." — Richard Peabody, Editor - Gargoyle Magazine

“Deadpan, visceral, sharply funny.” — Julie Innis

“A new genealogy of morals… a madcap ride through a land of errant desire and lost time.” — Gary Percesepe, BLIP Magazine (formerly Mississippi Review)

“Sweetly erotic without going over the top.” — Jared Randall, Apocryphal Road Code

Innovative, daring, original writing.”  — Kathy Fish, A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness

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